Timelord Trouble… :)


Timelord Trouble... :)

Let’s do this!
Can’t really say ‘Student’ as job.. maybe… IDK, how about ‘Dreamer’?
Fourth Regeneration.. ok!
Good thing to my left my most notable item of clothing is my time turner… 🙂
Don’t Text.. how about email? Then it would be my AWESOME FRIEND SYLVIA!!! (<3 u, girl!)
Favorite Word: ‘Wicked’.
Ok, now I’m happy. 🙂 XD!!!
Try this at home!
Tell me what you get!
Be absolutely amazing!
🙂 DFTBA, fellow Whovians.


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  1. Umm I have a paper route so I guess ‘Paper Girl’ is my timelord name. I don’t know what a timelord name is, though.
    6th regeneration :S
    My pink Snuggie is nearest to me and that’s weird.
    My friend Mike is who I last texted that’s even weirder.
    Favourite word: Coolbeans

    I’ll be the weirdest doctor ever, I’m sure.

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