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My fantasmical casts for movies, which will probably never happen in this life. Oh Well! :)

My Ideal Cast For “Septimus Heap” series, as a Film


Here’s another one of my fantasmical casts, this time for the wonderful series “Septimus Heap”. I absolutely LOVE that series, so I am hoping SO BAD for a series of movies. Here’s some ideas for the cast that I came up with the other day:

Abigail Breslin/Jenna

Lana Parrilla/Marcia

Charlie Rowe/Sep

Sean Connery/Alther

Asa Butterfield/Beetle

Martin Freeman/Silas

All for now,




My Ideal Cast For “The Kingdom Keepers” series, as a Film


As I said before, I love to make movie trailers in my head for books I love, so I found that somebody had posted on youtube a fake trailer for “The Kingdom Keepers” by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, which I LOVE. <3<3<3 So here’s who I thought, after viewing their video (and a few others), should play who.

Kingdom Keepers Movie Cast:

Logan Lerman/Finn

Meghan Martin /Charlene

Calum Worthy/Philby

Christopher Massey/Maybeck

Nicole Anderson/Willa

Selena Gomez/Amanda

Elizabeth Gilles/Jez

Dick Van Dyke/Wayne

What Do You Guys Think?

More ideas on Books to Film coming soon!!!