Welcome, welcome, one and all. This is a little fanfic I’ve been working on… About what happens when Merlin and the crew come back in modern times, and everyone’s confused about Arthur’s return. (He’s supposed to return when the world’s at its greatest need, but it doesn’t seem like they’re in any big predicament. The universe they end up in, well, is the AU in which TenTwo and Rose start a new life in at the end of  ‘Journey’s End’, Dr. Who season 4. Merlin finds out that he’s so. much. more. than what he’d thought before. For a thousand years, he believed that he was just a sorcerer. But that’s not all.

He’s a Timelord.

I’ll be updating this once in a while, but here’s chapter one. Enjoy.

I have waited for so long to be reunited with him. I have lived and become many different people. But I always remembered who I was and who I was looking for. I have seen great beauties and remembered many more. I have lived through great battles, horrors, and evils, thinking, ‘ This must surely be enough. He must be here soon.’ But he never came. All my life I have tried to find him again. I have visited that lake, willing to at least see him again. I know the others are somewhere, that they too must remember. I know that I will see them again soon, this I know for sure. But where, and when, are unclear to me. But for my sanity, I hope it’s soon.

I’m waiting, Arthur.



Merlin woke up to his ‘Adele’ ringtone on his alarm. Surprisingly, this ‘modern’ music had really grown on him through his time. The clothes had too. Although he still wore his neckerchiefs, he had taken a liking to hoodies and jeans. Who knew?

Merlin was growing impatient. almost 1,000 years he had been waiting for Arthur. During the second world war, he had really been convinced that he would come. But he had not. If that was not when the world needed Arthur, then what evil did humanity have in store?

Better enjoy that time before Arthur comes back, though.

Merlin was currently under the cover of being an actor, a skill he had picked up and perfected over the years, that he quite enjoyed. He was living through college for who knows how many times, and was quite pleased with how things were going. But, he always kept a lookout for his old friends, trying to find some kind of sign that he was not alone. Facebook actually would be really helpful, if they all were using their real names. Merlin wasn’t using his real name on his page, so why would they?

It was worth another try, though. Merlin logged on, in his favorite blue t-shirt and jeans, with his hair still in a rumpled mess. He typed into the searchbar ‘Guinevere’. Please please please I can’t be the only one who remembers, please please please Gwen please. He got a response. Looking through the choices, a wave of shock hit him hard. It was her.

‘Guinevere Martinez.’ Scrolling through her info, everything added up. Frantically, Merlin clicked the ‘send friend request’ link, and typed in the message box, ‘Hey Gwen. It’s Merlin.’ He sent it. Extreme euphoria shot through his brain. He wasn’t alone. Gwen was here. She must remember. She HAS to.

Merlin went and got breakfast while he waited. A few minutes later, he walked back to his computer with a bowl of oatmeal in one hand and some orange juice in his other. Light streamed into the room, making visible the cloud of dust in the air, floating around the computer like they, too were growing impatient with the world. The view from his dorm was magnificent, as would be expected from the prestigious Avalon Academy, a school Merlin himself had founded years and years ago. No matter where or whenever he ended up, he always was drawn back to Avalon. Maybe Gwen, Morgana, and eventually Arthur would end up there too.

‘Ping!’ The computer beeped and Merlin smiled. Gwen had accepted his friend request. And started up a conversation bar with him.

-‘Merlin? Am I dreaming? Is this really you?’

‘Long time no see, Gwen. How’s modern life working for you?’

-‘I’ve adjusted. Wow, I thought I’d never see you again! You look exactly the same, no surprise there. I missed you so much!’

‘Me too! I really am so glad I found you. Have you found anyone else?’

-‘No, I’ve been trying though. Have you tried to find Morgana? I bet she’s good, now. I really think we should try to find her and the others. Where are you?’

‘Avalon Academy. How about you?’

-‘Oh my… You’re at Avalon too?’

Merlin froze. Gwen was here? At Avalon? This couldn’t be happening. If she was here, then maybe everyone else was, too!

‘Starbucks. 30 minutes. Tell me everything.’


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