Cory Monteith. <3.


Cory was one of the reasons I started watching Glee. My first episode was Furt. I had no clue what the plot was, and my mom just told me to keep watching. I fell in love with the show, Rachel, Finn, and Kurt within that first episode. To think that Finchel is dead… to think what his family and friends are going through, to think of the self-blame Lea is probably thinking about right now…

I will always remember him.
First thing I saw on tumblr when he died was a clip of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.
All I could think about was ‘Keep Holding On’.
Goodbye, Cory Monteith.



Hi guys. I’m sorry for neglecting you so much during these past weeks. Just letting you know that I’ll be back soon, but I’m going away for a week, so don’t expect anything for that long. I’ll try to post a bit more on here in the future, but I’m doing a lot more on my pinterest and tumblr. I’m also planning on a youtube, but I’m not sure if that’ll happen soon. In the meantime, have a nice week, and here’s a picture montage of random stuff to part with! See you soon!



tumblr_mpbpx4LSCA1qgyarho7_r1_250 < ARTHUR DARVILL SINGING!!!

Hi guys. I’m sorry for neglecting you so